5 Reasons to Consider a Career in the Digital Sector

Quick Career Progression

If you want a quick career progression, then you should consider a career in the digital industry. Think about how technology has been in the past – with the three names dominating this industry being Facebook, Apple, and Google.

These companies are just the three most popular that have managed to grow into very big companies. Technology has become part and parcel of life and has resulted in a large range of digital jobs, and this means there are many opportunities for a person to quickly climb the career ladder and work with some amazing companies in the process.

There Is a Wide Range of Options

The digital industry is very big, and this is why you will have diverse career paths to choose from when starting on the digital job ladder. Let’s look at a Digital Marketing Executive; they have a lot of options on the routes they can take. Some examples include social media, copywriting, web development, corporate video production, and PPC.

If you start a grad job in the industry and you are not happy with it, you will still have a lot of options to choose from. With this being said, it is important not to change too much because it can put off recruiters and potential employers.

You Are Not Going to Get Bored

You will not be bored when working in the digital industry – quick growth means there is always something you can do. This is going to be great for you because days will go fast and without even realising it the weekend is here. Because of the changes that keep happening in the industry, you will always be learning new things and skills regularly.

It Is Not for Computer Wizards Only

People assume that digital jobs are for people who are really tech-minded or pros in computer software and coding, but this is not the case. The industry offers many jobs that cover softer skills too – you will be dealing with some aspects of technology in your job, but you don’t have to be a computer genius to succeed in the digital industry.

You should not let this put you off. Consider having a closer look at the job description before passing it over. If it is a graduate position, you will get training because employers know that fresh graduates are not perfect.

Transferable Skills

When I got my first job in the digital industry, I thought I did not have enough experience, but I realised this was not the case. There were some skills I had picked up without noticing it as a result of growing up in the digital age. There were digital skills I gained when I worked as a part-time shop assistant without even realising it.

Have you written an essay? Do you use social media? Have you worked where you need to sell something? Social media use has become an important part of marketing for many companies – employers want people who are going to create quality content and help sell products or services on social media.

These are the five reason why a career in the digital industry might be a great option. Keep in mind that things are not as scary as they might seem.

Shirley L. Bryant

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