A Home Maintenance Checklist

While this may not be a complete list of every possible thing you need to do in your home, you will find the essentials in it. Everyone’s home is slightly or even vastly different. Therefore, each home will have different things on the list. However, certain things are going to be true across the board. For one, our homes are our home base and they also happen to be one of the most significant investments we will make. Therefore, you will want to take the appropriate steps to maintain it – particularly at the moment when you might want to consider coronavirus deep cleaning.

We will be splitting up the tasks by the season you should be performing them in. By doing everything listed, you should be able to prevent a lot of problems from getting worse as time goes on which would force you into making even more expensive repairs.

Spring Time

• Check the roof to see whether or not it sustained any damage over the winter months.

• Ensure that your bricks are completely clear. Bricks allow air to reach under the floors of buildings that are suspended. Because of this, if you have anything blocking the air from getting in, it can cause issues.

• Clean the inside and outside of all of the windows. You want to do this because sunshine will expose how dirty your windows are.

• Look at your window frames to see if they are in good shape or if they have sustained damage due to rotting or even pests. Allowing your windows to get ruined can be very costly.

• Clear out everything that is cluttering up your home. You can put away all of the things that you won’t be needing for the warmer months.

• Check on and turn down your thermostat when you are looking to save on energy costs. You won’t need your heater on during the warmer months.

• Find reputable and local tradesman who will be able to assist with your repairs and maintenance.

Summer Time

When the weather begins to get warmer, you will begin to find yourself going outside much more often. This includes your seasonal maintenance tasks.

• Clean all of the outside furniture you have.

• Clean all of your sidewalks, patios, and even your siding.

• Repair all of the exterior damage you can find. This includes everything from your window frames, to your door, to your fencing, and more.

• Repaint your home (if it’s needed) as it can be a great time to do so.

• Cut some of the excess branches off your trees.

• Get rid of all of the climbing plants to avoid allowing them to damage your home as they get larger.

• Get annual maintenance on your boiler.

Autumn Time

You will want to get your checklist ready when autumn comes. You should be winterising your home.

• Sweep and clean your chimney.

• Check your roof for damage and see whether or not you have water buildup (especially if you have a flat roof).

• Clean out your radiators.

• Clear out all of your gutters to ensure they are functioning properly.

• Clear out all of the leaves and excess debris that may have accumulated around your walls to avoid having excess water sit around to ruin your home’s foundation.

Winter Time

Continue reading and follow the tips to ensure you can get your home prepared for winter.

• Check on your fences to ensure that they aren’t damaged. You should be repairing anything you spot as you see it to avoid having further issues.

• Look at your roof again. You should be looking from street level and on top of your roof to ensure you spot everything.

• Clear out the leaves and debris and ensure you inspect trees to take care of any trees that pose a threat to the structure of your home.

• Open your windows often to avoid humidity build-up.

• Wipe off your window frames to avoid allowing them to rot.

• Always look at and check on your pipes to detect leaks from colder temperatures.

Shirley L. Bryant

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