Reasons You Should be Considering Triple-Glazed Windows

Triple-glazed windows offer numerous benefits. Not only do they offer maximum energy efficiency, but they also come with enhanced security. Because of all of the benefits they offer, not many would opt for single glazing nowadays. Today’s building regulations prohibit it with the exception of some properties.

However, you may be wondering whether or not there is going to be a time when double glazing would be considered inadequate as well. If so, triple glazing would become the standard.

Due to energy efficiency being so high on the list of priorities for a lot of homeowners and because it comes with a lot of other benefits, you may be wondering whether or not it is worth investing in. Here, KJM Group explores the ins and outs of triple glazing.

What is the difference between double and triple glazing and why would it be worth upgrading?

You will regularly find a lot of the newer builds offering a lot more glazing than some of the older builds. This includes everything from picture windows to sliding doors and even roof lights. However, having that much glass will end up having a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency due to heat being able to pass through it much easier than it would other solid structures such as a properly insulated wall.

When you are faced with some of the more restrictive building regulations that exist nowadays, a lot of glazing companies have begun to rise to the challenge to create even better products that have optimised performance. With the improvement in insulation that can stem from having two air pockets over one, perhaps the best solution is triple glazing.

A Low Energy Home

Because of the energy efficiency, triple glazing has become the clear-cut standard in some of the areas in Europe which have much colder climates. Likewise, it is even considered an essential component in modern homes that are built with energy efficiency in mind. They utilise various features to maintain energy efficiency throughout, from better levels of insulation to be able to minimise the gaps in fabric to reduce the possibility that the air gets in or out.

Triple-Glazed Window Pane

Triple glazed windows are considered the efficient option: you gain levels of insulation with triple glazing. Because triple glazing exceeds the standards of building regulations for energy efficiency when installed properly, there is no reason to opt for super-insulated windows if the windows don’t have air gaps for air to get in or out.

More Extras

Not only do the extra panes of glass add to the efficiency, but other features are available in double glazed windows and up which can maximise performance. This includes an inert gas like argon that is inserted directly between the glass which effectively insulates better than air.

Low E glass is another option to improve insulation. This respective product includes a metal oxide coating that is invisible on one of the panes facing inwards. This ultimately works to reflect any heat back into the room it’s facing.

Lastly, you should be looking to find products that feature “warm edge” spacer bars effectively situated between the panes of glass. These are made up of composite plastic and they are less conducive to heat compared to aluminium which is usually used for this.

Greater Security and Noise Benefits

Along with everything else, triple glazing can provide enhanced security due to it being so difficult to break.

As far as noise reduction is concerned, it offers minor improvements. If you are primarily after noise reduction, there are different options available that are more effective in this regard. For instance, secondary glazing or even units that have a much larger air gap will offer better results.

Is it Worth Getting?

There are specific circumstances that would make this a definitive “yes.” For instance, if you happen to live in a colder climate, you will be able to get a lot of benefits from triple glazing.

Because glass requires a lot of energy to manufacture it, you want to figure out whether or not the extra pane of glass is worth it based on the enhanced comfort and security it can bring you rather than simply looking at the environmental benefits it can offer and how much it may be able to lower your energy bills.

Shirley L. Bryant

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