Why Floor Plans Are Important for Effective Property Marketing

FloorplansA carefully crafted description can provide potential buyers with lots of information about a property, and quality photographs can help them to get an idea as to how the property can become a home. Video footage can be even more effective for estate agents seeking to showcase a unit in full as buyers can enjoy a virtual tour of all the rooms in a building.

While many think that written descriptions, photographs and video footage is enough to effectively market a property, providing a floorplan, like those drawn up by Fourwalls, can be equally important for attracting potential tenants or buyers. A survey conducted by Rightmove revealed that out of the 10,000 participants involved, more than a third said they’d be less likely to enquire about a particular property if they couldn’t view a floor plan. In fact, 20% of respondents said that they would ignore any listing that didn’t have a floor plan.

Consequently, if you are looking to market your property to the largest number of potential buyers or tenants, you need to include a floor plan. With so much competition in the property market, you can’t afford to not use all tools available to you to your advantage.

Floor Plans Are Objective

One of the reasons why floor plans are just as important as photographs – perhaps even more so – is that they are totally objective. Images can be touched up with photo editing software or taken from flattering angles to make a room appear more spacious and attractive than what it is in reality. Meanwhile, a floor plan contains the exact dimensions of different rooms. When looking at a floor plan, buyers can make a more informed decision. As a result, it’s important that marketing material for a property contains a floor plan.

Floor Plans Provide Quick Facts

When viewing a floor plan people can picture the entire layout of all the rooms in a home and decide whether the layout will work for their lifestyle. The dimensions featured on a floor plan also enable buyers to work out whether the property can accommodate any existing furniture they have. With the right software, real estate agents can provide both 2D and 3D floor plans.

Potential tenants or buyers need as much accurate information about a property, so including dimensions on a floor plan is essential. A floor plan will not only help a home to sell quicker, but it can also provide the buyer with many advantages as they prepare for moving in day. Your property is more likely to be viewed in a positive light by potential buyers if you provide them with a floor plan from the start. Many buyers will often assume sellers have something to hide if they can not provide a floor plan early on in the process.

So, if you want to maximise your chances of selling or letting your property for the best providers, providing a floor plan is a must. With a plan, potential tenants or buyers will have the information they need to make a fast decision. Providing a floor plan from day one can also increase the final selling price as there is likely to be more buyers interested in your home.

Shirley L. Bryant

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