Why You Should Consider Triple-Glazed Windows

Today’s building regulations don’t allow the installation of single glazed windows except for listed properties. Most homeowners want to make their homes as energy-efficient as possible to save money over time. That’s where double glazing and triple glazing windows come in handy.

Both of these models are more energy-efficient than single-glazed windows. But there will be a time when double glazing becomes inadequate and triple-glazed windows become the norm. With energy efficiency high on their agendas, most homeowners are in favour of triple-glazed windows for their homes. This article provides information on the difference between double-glazed and triple-glazed windows and why you should invest in triple glazing windows for your home.

Most of the new buildings have large portions of glazing such as sliding doors, picture windows, and roof lights. All this glass can impact the energy efficiency of the building. In fact, heat can pass through a glass a lot more readily compared to an insulated wall. Glazing companies have to rise to the latest challenges to create better-performing glass products in the face of more stringent building regulations. Triple glazing is seen as one solution to this challenge. In fact, it comes with two pockets of air instead of one.

A Low-Energy Home

Most of the colder climates in northern Europe have made triple glazing mandatory. In fact, it’s an essential component in modern ultra-low energy homes and buildings. In fact, these modern buildings use a combination of features to be as energy-efficient as possible – from eliminating every micro gap in the building to ensure airtightness to high levels of insulation.

Triple-Glazed Window Panes

Triple glazing provides greater levels of insulation. It meets the latest building regulations for energy efficiency provided the product has been installed correctly. In fact, there is no point in installing super-insulated windows if there are gaps around them for air to leak out.

Added Extras

It’s not the three panes of glass that make a triple-glazed window more efficient. The inert air – most probably argon – inserted between the glass panes helps boost the performance of the product. In fact, argon is less conductive than air and more insulating than the latter.

Low E Glass will also help improve building insulation. This product comes with an invisible metal-oxide coating inside the inward panes – which helps to reflect heat back into the room. Make sure you shop for products with “warm edge” spacer bars between the panes. This is made from plastic composite – which conducts less heat than aluminium traditionally used for this component.

Noise Reduction and Security Benefits

Triple glazing is extremely hard to break. Hence, it acts as a security deterrent. Triple-glazed windows will protect your home from burglars. Noise-reduction is another minor benefit of these windows. If noise is your main problem, you should opt for secondary glazing or a unit with a larger air gap between the window panes and laminated glass.

Is Triple Glazing Worth It?

In some instances, triple glazing is definitely worth the price you pay for it. For example, if you live in a colder climate, triple glazing will benefit your home compared to living in a milder area.

Glass has one of the most energy-efficient manufacturing processes out there. In fact, it’s all about considering whether that extra pane is worth your investment for the additional comfort it will bring. You can find out more from Bill Butters Windows.

Shirley L. Bryant

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