Digital (or virtual) artwork is a growing trend and it isn’t surprising given the number of things that technology can do now. Think of all the recent Hollywood films that used CGI technology and it is easy to see how digital art becomes a real thing. There are a number of ways to produce this kind of art, too, as you will see.

Digital Photography

Digital photography is probably the first art form you think of when you think in terms of digital art. Digital cameras have been around for a few decades now and artists of the photographic medium

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These photoshoot ideas could give your creativity that little kickstart it needs! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and run out of inspiration when you’re planning your next photoshoot, so here’s a whole collection of projects and tutorials that offer something just a little bit different.

We’ve got ideas on posing and lighting, props and backgrounds. We’ve got tips on camera gear, lenses and accessories, and ideas for using them in ways you may not have expected. But some of the best techniques don’t require any special equipment at all, just a bit of imagination and lateral thinking!

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A naked and terrified Vietnamese girl runs out of a cloud of napalm. A suited man falls head-first from the collapsing World Trade Center. A hooded figure hangs lifelessly in an Abu Ghraib prison cell.

Photographs have a way of sticking with us long after we first see them. Images linger in a much more visceral way than words do.

Images saturate the contemporary world in a way that was never imagined back when photography involved heavy cameras on tripods and unsmiling subjects standing immobile for minutes on end.

Once trusted to capture reality and truth, photographs now stir debate

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