Claire Hentschker

Now that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on travel and forced public spaces to close, there’s been a noticeable uptick in the use of virtual landscapes as a means to experience the world. Live video feeds are streamed from zoos and aquariums; musicians and comedians are performing in empty halls and holding virtual concerts in their living rooms; and video game enthusiasts are exploring digital landscapes and gathering in virtual spaces more than ever.

This mass migration to the virtual world has also seemingly kicked off something of a secondary trend: The rise of virtual

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A naked and terrified Vietnamese girl runs out of a cloud of napalm. A suited man falls head-first from the collapsing World Trade Center. A hooded figure hangs lifelessly in an Abu Ghraib prison cell.

Photographs have a way of sticking with us long after we first see them. Images linger in a much more visceral way than words do.

Images saturate the contemporary world in a way that was never imagined back when photography involved heavy cameras on tripods and unsmiling subjects standing immobile for minutes on end.

Once trusted to capture reality and truth, photographs now stir debate

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