Different Types of Photography Styles To Master

Astrophotography at work takes photographs of stars at night. This is one of the different types of photography styles to master

When you master different types of photography styles, you broaden your horizons. Here are some photography styles that will enhance your photography career.


Expand your craft of photography styles by mastering the different types. Understanding multiple methods will broaden your resume and showcase more work.

Many skills are transferable in photography—therefore, expanding your craft is fairly easy to do. Broaden your skill set by mastering the different types of photography styles. Doing this will allow you to showcase more work in your portfolio that highlights a variety of images and compositions. Read on for our top picks of the photography styles you should try next.

Street Photography

A more candid way of capturing images is through street photography. This method requires you to immerse yourself in city life and spend time hanging out near sidewalks, buildings, subway stations, etc., to shoot organic photos of your subjects. This type of photography allows you to capture ordinary moments and make them seem extraordinary with how you compose the image.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is of the more common styles you can choose to experiment with. This style requires you to spend time with someone and capture their essence, personality, mood, and individuality in a photo. Various lighting and backdrops can help you convey different messages with the portraits you’re capturing.

Landscape Photography

If you’re trying to master a different type of photography style that doesn’t include a physical person as your subject, consider landscape photography. Spending time in nature and gazing at scenic views is a relaxing practice to implement into your craft. Participating in this style will give you an excuse to go out and explore more of nature and the beautiful views our world has to offer.


Astrophotography is a fascinating component of this craft because you can compose images of the night sky that are unlike any other photo you’ve taken. However, you must use the correct lens for this style, or your shots might not turn out as you hoped. To create astonishing images, you must set your exposure right, and a lot of the method involves post-processing. Keep practicing this craft to better your skills.

You may be an expert in one or two different photography styles, but don’t be afraid to expand your skills and experiment with other methods. Trying a new way of capturing images may lead you to your favorite technique. Which style of photography will you try first?

Are you a photographer? How many different types of photography styles have you mastered? Share your thoughts. Leave a comment.

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