With a long way to go until a semblance of normality returns, the arts still flourish — even digitally.

Art collective ecosystem Gudskul, like other arts foundations, has been deeply affected by the ongoing pandemic, forcing it to close its doors to visitors.

While most art exhibitions have ended up being cancelled or postponed, technology became a savior for others, allowing artists to display their work without having to worry about social distancing or someone accidentally knocking down a display.

Augmented: Both exhibitions are held virtually, complete with 360-degree views and virtual reality capability. Augmented: Both exhibitions are held virtually, complete with 360-degree views and virtual reality capability. (Gudskul/-)

Two of Gudskul’s latest exhibitions,

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The new exhibition includes a revitalization of the university’s on-campus galleries and partnerships with leading local galleries and museums.

The San Diego State University School of Art and Design is launching a new exhibition program this summer that will include a revitalization of the university’s on-campus galleries, collaborative and multidisciplinary art and design events, and a new partnership project with leading local galleries and museums.

The new exhibition program will dedicate significant space in SDSU’s four on-campus galleries for student-led exhibitions and projects, and will also bring in exhibitions of contemporary artists and collectives to campus following the

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Using face masks, sanitizing gel and social distancing, Cirque du Soleil artists in Mexico practice before a performance — a rare sign of hope for the famous Canadian circus company.

The circus shut down 44 shows across the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak, furloughing 95 percent of its workforce and filing for bankruptcy protection.

But — after three months off stage due to the coronavirus lockdown — performers in the “Joya” show returned earlier this month to the theater in Riviera Maya on Mexico’s northeastern Yucatan Peninsula.

Contortionists, jugglers and skaters rehearsed for what will be their fifth show

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Claire Hentschker

Now that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on travel and forced public spaces to close, there’s been a noticeable uptick in the use of virtual landscapes as a means to experience the world. Live video feeds are streamed from zoos and aquariums; musicians and comedians are performing in empty halls and holding virtual concerts in their living rooms; and video game enthusiasts are exploring digital landscapes and gathering in virtual spaces more than ever.

This mass migration to the virtual world has also seemingly kicked off something of a secondary trend: The rise of virtual

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As we are all aware, the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept across the world at unprecedented rates. Although Governments in Europe and all over the world have implemented police-enforced lockdown and social distancing measures, truck drivers have a critical role to play in society – particularly those who deliver essential goods, like medicine and food. Daily, truck drivers are at great risk of contracting this virus and possibly spreading it to people they come into contact with while they are working, in addition to family members. With all of that mind, those who have passed their HGV trainingRead More