COVID-19: Considering the potential business impacts for Indonesia

How The IT Sector Was Impacted By Lockdown

Unfortunately, due to the lockdown caused by Covid-19, there was a fall in the economy which exposed a lot of weaknesses within the IT sector. This is especially true since the majority of companies now require their employees to work remotely from home. So, companies who deal internationally have lost many opportunities and potential revenue. One example of this is at Apple Inc. where they experienced a 10% reduction on the price of their shares simply because iPhones are more limited and not as easily available as they once were. Basically, this … Read More

Scaffold Hiring Costs in Brighton | Commercial & Residential | Ace  Scaffolding

Most forms of home construction and improvement undertakings need workers to reach out to higher heights of the building that cannot be accomplished by standing on a table or a chair.

Scaffolding provides an elevated platform that safely holds workers and materials who are building, repairing, decorating or cleaning sections of a building.

What Is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporal structure made of steel poles and horizontal wooden boards and is a structure that can be adjusted to help workers access various heights and areas of the building.

Scaffolding is great because it can be fitted comfortably on both internal … Read More

COVID-19: Impact on Technology Industry | by Tricon Infotech | Medium

The Impact Of The Lockdown On The IT Industry:

The IT sector faces huge challenges due to the economic decline, as more and more businesses require their employees to work remotely, in order to comply with the health and safety rules and regulations and with the social distancing measures. The public health concerns have changed the paradigm, forcing many international dealers to find creative solutions to make their products available to global customers. For instance, Apple Inc. sees a 10% decline in its shares as a direct consequence of the lack of availability of its products in many markets worldwide. … Read More