8 Amazing Road-Trip UK Ideas

Are you going for a road trip around the UK while enjoying the surroundings and don’t care about driving speed and parking spots?

Every UK tourist will gladly explore the big cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham, but long-distance rides are undeniably more exciting.

When in London, you can easily hold on to Simber and their professional chauffeur services, but do you know that you can also get the same travel quality using them for long-distance trips? We are sure you want to explore the city surroundings, or even travel to other cities, so the solution is a chauffeur long distance company to take you there.

Don’t you know what to visit? Stay with us, so we can share some great ideas with you.

1. The Lake District

Visit the Lake District in the region of North West England. It’s a national park in the Duddon Valley, also known as the Land of the Lakes. It’s an entirely different experience compared to big-city adventures.

If you are a tourist, you can arrive at any London airport and plan your private pick up the very same day. We suggest you book the ride in advance, so you won’t miss any precious moments. And when you arrive, you will see why this place inspired many poets and writers in history.

2. The Region of Cotswolds

English villages are charming and picturesque, so we suggest planning at least a village visit during your stay in the UK. The region of Cotswolds is an ideal place to see pretty villages, churches, and beautiful locations to escape city life.

You can visit the Blenheim Palace in the meantime and stop wherever you need to do that, using some of the most anticipated companies that provide long distance chauffeur service in London and the whole UK.

3. North York Moors National Park

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking nature around you, we suggest visiting this national park, no matter what period of the year it is. If you visit during summer, you will be surrounded by all those beautiful and colourful flowers.

One thing is for sure. You will have great photos for your Instagram feed if you go there. You can even get inspired by some writing or poetry or even check on the nearest hiking trails.

4. The Norfolk Coast

If you love coastlines and enjoy calm walks, the Norfolk Coast is what you really need to escape the city traffic. You can get there using a private road trip service, and ensure you are comfortable all the time. We suggest you take a few days to explore this beautiful location.

Can you imagine drinking your warm cup of tea while relaxing by the sea? It’s possible, and you will want to stay a few more days.

5. The North Coast of Scotland

This is a fairytale place, with so many beautiful landscapes around you. Scotland is far away from London, and the North Coast is literally the northernmost spot of the United Kingdom.

Luckily, you have plenty of options for long-distance travelling, so it won’t be an issue to spend a whole week there if you want.

6. The Black Mountain Pass

For all those who want road trips through beautiful landscapes, Wales can be the answer to your wishes. You can drive yourself or book some of the well-known UK chauffeur services. It’s a completely different experience to drive or just to watch landscapes while travelling.

Anyway, it’s an ideal location for those who love isolated long road trips.

7. Causeway Coastal Route

If Northern Ireland is the place you want to visit while in the UK, we suggest taking the Causeway Coastal Road, which connects the cities of Belfast and Derry. It’s probably the most famous landmark in Northern Ireland, and it’s pretty peculiar.

Of course, don’t forget to take your camera, or set your phone on camera mode, because there are so many breathtaking spots you can photograph and add to your portfolio.

8. Atlantic Highway

It’s a South West England road connecting Bath to Falmouth. This road offers an exceptional coastline view, and it’s great for all who want to visit Tintagel Castle and Bedruthan Steps Beach. The picturesque spots come as a bonus for your patience and dedication to travel there.

Also, it can be pretty busy throughout the whole year, especially during the holiday season. But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth driving. Things would be easier with a chauffeur service, but if you are an adventurer, you can drive alone and enjoy the sightseeing.

Final Thoughts

It was challenging to list eight long-distance spots in the UK because there is a lot more to visit and discover. But, if you plan on getting back there soon, you can organize even more long-distance road trips and enjoy the remote areas, away from the city traffic and crowds.

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