9 Reasons to Travel as a Photographer

9 Reasons to Travel as a Photographer

Photographers and videographers are known to bring a taste of the outside world right before our screens.

Wondering if travel photography is right for you? You found the right article.

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Here are some of the reasons why every photographer needs to travel to different cultures; 

Telling your story is through photography is one of the reasons why you need to travel as a photographer.

You have probably seen pictures that represent more than what can be seen on the face of it. 

Stories of current affairs, photography of culture and minority living, war and protests, etc. 

One of the perks of photojournalism is that you can get a stable job as a photojournalist. 

Freelance photojournalism is also an option and can be a great way to finance your travel photography.

  • Landscape photography 

Capture every little detail of the land, water, sky, and everything natural within the world.

The world has a lot to offer and you can only find it by travelling. 

Landscape photography entails sceneries from beautiful nature and outdoor spaces.

Tabletop mountains, northern lights, forests, Antarctica, rivers, lakes, ocean, etc. The wild animal interaction with nature and many others. 

  • Be an environmental photographer

We learn so much more from what sustains us. Different people across the world interact differently with their environment. 

Urban areas are notoriously known for environmental pollution while rather remote areas present a clean untouched environment.

A photographer can raise environmental awareness and concerns through travel. 

  •  For cultural experience

Culture is something that has been shaped by the differences between people. 

It is in urban cities where you’ll find dilutions of culture but no sooner as you move to the outskirts, people behave and associate differently. 

With travel photography, you can capture these aspects of how people live. 

The cultural phenomenon is represented through music, clothing, food, art, marriages, religion, etc. 

These are the things that without travelling, you cannot truly get the full story. 

  •  Follow events and activities 

There’s nothing more fulfilling than getting into event photography. 

This is where you major in photography in international and regional events.

You can choose to focus on a single style of events like athletic photography. Here, you’ll be shooting major athletic events and competitions worldwide. 

You can follow up on major events all over the world. It also comes as an opportunity for commercial event photography.

  • Food photography

If there’s one thing I most certainly do appreciate with travel photography is the different dishes from different cultures.

The good thing about food photography is that it can run alongside other main aspects of your photography. 

Say you’re planning to travel to Africa for cultural photography you can complement it with food photography.

  • Architectural photography 

Travelling to countries like Greece, Belgium, France, Germany, among others will take your medieval architecture photography to the next level. 

There are different types of architecture and different countries have different ways they’ve represented building designs.

Big cities like London, New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Helsinki, and Dubai have some of the world’s best contemporary architecture.

  • Aerial scenery 

One other reason why you need to travel as a photographer is to get different photographs of real scenery.

Different parts of the world present different fleeting sky sceneries. 

Some incredible aerial sceneries to try as a photographer may include; cityscape aerial views, Islands, beachfront aerial photography, Alpine photography, highlands, streets, and many others. 

  • Find fine art through travel

It is not every day that you come across fine art.

Europe is known to have some of the world’s best fine art collections. Art museums across Europe attacked millions of tourists each year. 

Any photographer can broaden their photography scope by getting into fine art photography from different parts of the world.


Travel photography presents a lot of opportunities for anybody looking to get into photography. 

With travel, you can experience firsthand what it feels like to interact and participate in activities outside your normal living environment and you can use photography to bring it to other people.