“A Famous Milanese Renaissance Girl, with Red Brushstrokes, Pixel and a Pointer” by Ozmo in Milan, Italy. – StreetArtNews

“A Famous Milanese Renaissance Girl, with Red Brushstrokes, Pixel and a Pointer” by Ozmo in Milan, Italy. – StreetArtNews

Born in Pontedera, Italy Ozmo made his first steps in the comics world, but since early 90s he soon moved his focus on writing and painting. In short time his tag would have become one of the most famous and respected ones in the Italian graffiti scene. A special reportage dedicated to Ozmo on ‘Aelle’ – the most famous urban culture underground mag in Italy – will consacrate him as one of the leading figure in the national underground writing scene.

Ozmo is now based in Paris. He returns to Milan, the adopted city that has welcomed him in the most decisive years of his artistic career, and he does so symbolically bringing home a masterpiece of Italian Renaissance art: The Lady with the Ermine of Leonardo da Vinci which has been in Poland for two centuries.

To dominate the view of the Milanese architecture of Corso XXII Marzo, ready to attract and direct the gaze of passers-by, from now on there will be, in fact, A famous Milanese Renaissance girl, with red brushstrokes, pixel and a pointer, a monumental reinterpretation and recontextualization of the Leonardesca Lady, unchanged in its beauty and elegance of the fifteenth century, but enriched by the journey that, through the centuries, led her to be reborn under the gaze of an artist of today, to relive in the homage that Ozmo makes to the city and its history.

It is precisely in Milan, in fact, that Leonardo da Vinci creates some of his most famous masterpieces, capable of changing Italian portraiture. In this context of research and innovation, of artistic and cultural ferment, his Lady with Ermine was born.

The project continues the conceptual and aesthetic path undertaken many years ago, which holds together the link between the artist and the historical, historical-artistic and cultural Italian tradition, and his ever-living desire to actualize it.  A famous Milanese Renaissance girl, with red brushstrokes, pixels and a pointer, is enriched with new artistic elements and new points of reflection.

With tools typical of the computer world, such as pixels and pointers, but made with brush and spraypaint, Ozmo conceals, highlights or changes elements of the original work, bringing it into contact with the current era and the languages recognized by today’s society. With a red sign that runs along the surface, Ozmo consolidates the link between the pictorial intervention and the architectural context, and harmoniously binds all the artistic elements, giving the city a new public work.

The mural  has been realized with the support of the association Street is Culture and the social cooperative of EST – Enosteria sociale , which, in a public housing in the center of Milan, recovers people from difficult contexts, and  it does so by integrating itself in the environment through the art and work. It’s precisely his mission, to bring art where it is not usable, to give life to the collaboration with Ozmo. The realization of the work was curated by Annalisa Ferraro, with the collaboration of RiparTIAMO Aps

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