Today’s building regulations don’t allow the installation of single glazed windows except for listed properties. Most homeowners want to make their homes as energy-efficient as possible to save money over time. That’s where double glazing and triple glazing windows come in handy.

Both of these models are more energy-efficient than single-glazed windows. But there will be a time when double glazing becomes inadequate and triple-glazed windows become the norm. With energy efficiency high on their agendas, most homeowners are in favour of triple-glazed windows for their homes. This article provides information on the difference between double-glazed and triple-glazed windows … Read More

FloorplansA carefully crafted description can provide potential buyers with lots of information about a property, and quality photographs can help them to get an idea as to how the property can become a home. Video footage can be even more effective for estate agents seeking to showcase a unit in full as buyers can enjoy a virtual tour of all the rooms in a building.

While many think that written descriptions, photographs and video footage is enough to effectively market a property, providing a floorplan, like those drawn up by Fourwalls, can be equally important for attracting potential tenants … Read More

Online marketing brainstormIn simple terms, marketing is the things you do to put your product or service in front of your target customer. Marketing touches on every aspect of your business. It covers;

  • Market research and learning more about a potential customer
  • The brand and what values customers associate with it
  • Communicating with customers in a way they can understand
  • The design used for your business, from the packaging to business cards and your website
  • Measuring how effective the above are and the impact it has on the business

Marketing has been seen in a bad light because people think of junk … Read More

A properly written description of a house for sale or rent is very informative. It will provide potential buyers with ideas on how to shape the property into a home. Make sure you include quality images of the property for the best results. Even better, you can provide videos about the property. That way, people can move around the different rooms virtually and get a proper feel of the home.

These might be enough to market a property on sale giving potential buyers a proper feel of the home. However, they might need a few extra things to make the … Read More

Triple-glazed windows offer numerous benefits. Not only do they offer maximum energy efficiency, but they also come with enhanced security. Because of all of the benefits they offer, not many would opt for single glazing nowadays. Today’s building regulations prohibit it with the exception of some properties.

However, you may be wondering whether or not there is going to be a time when double glazing would be considered inadequate as well. If so, triple glazing would become the standard.

Due to energy efficiency being so high on the list of priorities for a lot of homeowners and because it comes … Read More

With more and more people leaning towards smartphones, the telecom industry has been growing rapidly across the planet. This means telecom service providers, or cloud billing systems, have to make sure their billing systems are on par with what’s required.

Defining Telecom Billing

Telecom billing refers to the processes associated with billing customers by assessing their usage throughout the payment period. This also includes monitoring what type of services are being used, how much it is costing the business, and where the payments are going as they come in. Each detail is key and is a part of the … Read More