Coming Soon: “Motions” a solo show by Pemex

Coming Soon: “Motions” a solo show by Pemex

Spoke Art is pleased to present Motions, a solo exhibition of new works by Oakland-based artist Pemex. Celebrated internationally for his graffiti, Pemex’s recent works are inspired by the cultural influences stemming from his travels throughout South America and Mexico.

This new body of work features a series of carefully constructed oil paintings created over the last year as part of an artist residency in Mexico City. While creating these pieces, Pemex reflected on the duality of life; literally for those living in Mexico City and spiritually through the depiction of themes such as life and death. Within this body of work, Pemex specifically pays tribute to the lost children of Mexico who’ve died while attempting to cross the border into the United States. For the children who do cross successfully, Pemex magnifies the new and unexpected struggles of maintaining a dual identity: belonging to two cultures separated by a border.

Please join us for Motions, opening Saturday, February 5th from 1pm-7pm, free and open to the public. Proof of vaccination and masks will be required to enter the gallery. Appointments for in-person viewings can be made here. To request a catalog of available works please email our San Francisco gallery director, Vanessa Indies, at [email protected].


photo of artist pemex painting on a large canvas


photo of artist pemex in his studio


behind the scenes inside pemex's art studio


photo of artist pemex painting in their studio

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