Coming Soon: New Bucket Hats!

Coming Soon: New Bucket Hats!

Image dimensions for Bucket Hats are 2040 x 1140 px @300 DPI
Image type = png
Aspect ratio = landscape

Take the time to make sure your products are well designed and formatted so your customers will love their Bucket Hats. Well designed products are more likely to be featured and perform better in search.

When designing for Bucket Hats, avoid filling the whole print area with a solid rectangle. There are always exceptions but generally speaking, organic shapes with some areas of transparency will look better. Think about how you can make your product stand out in search. If you’re enabling existing designs, scale them up so they take up the full print area. This will help customers see the details in your design.

We’d advise avoiding areas of partial transparency or transparent gradients if possible. These can be tricky to print and the printing process can produce mixed results. We also recommend avoiding designs with very fine lines as these will be challenging to print accurately. Bold, simple, graphic designs work really well on this product.

Think about the background color of your hats when choosing colors to work with in your design. You can create a background layer and drop the background colors in while you’re designing, so your artwork compliments the color of the hat. The hex codes are below.

Black – #101010
White – #FFFDF5
Navy – #1A2336
Sand – #E5D6c5
Light Pink – #FAD3CA

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