Dior’s ‘The Art of Color’ Visual Arts Awards Honors Young Talent

For its third edition—and in partnership with Luma Arles and the École National Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles—this year’s Dior Photography and Visual Arts Award for Young Talents, ‘The Art of Color,’ recognized 14 individuals. The 11 Laureates and three Jury Mentions were given the theme called ‘Face to Face,’ creating works representing their interpretations of the theme. Instead of revealing these works in Arles this month, they instead were revealed in a digital exhibition on the Dior Beauty and Luma Arles Instagram accounts, as well as the Luma Arles website.

Double Identité by Pamela Tulizo
Double Identité by Pamela Tulizo

Photo Credit: Pamela Tulizo, with authorisation of use for Parfums Christian Dior

The 11 Laureates are as follows:

  • Alex Avgud, Royal Academy of Arts (The Hague, The Netherlands)—Photography
  • Eugenia Erendira Gomez Espinosa, Centro de la Imagen (Mexico City, Mexico)—Photography & Video
  • Li Hanwei, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (Shanghai, China)—Photography & Video
  • Izabela Jurcewicz, International Center of Photography (New York, USA)—Photography
  • Tatsuki Katayama, Kyoto University of the Arts (Kyoto, Japan)—Video
  • Seunghoon Lee, Chung-ing University (Seoul, South Korea)—Photography
  • Loretta Mulders, Royal Academy of Arts (The Hague, The Netherlands)—Photography
  • Prune Phi, École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (Arles, France)—Photography
  • Pamela Tulizo, Market Photo Workshop (Johannesburg, South Africa)—Photography
  • Bowei Yang, Royal College of Art (London, United Kingdom)—Photography
  • Lingxi Yuan, California Institute of the Arts (Los Angeles, USA)—Video
Pamela Tulizo
Pamela Tulizo

Photo Credit: Parfums Christian Dior

The three Jury Mentions are as follows:

  • Takunori Kamiya, Kyoto University of the Arts (Kyoto, Japan)—Photography
  • Anna Maria Krezel, Academy of Fine Arts (Leipzig, Germany)—Photography
  • Haiguang Li, Academy of Fine Arts (Leipzig, Germany)—Video