How to sell your art online and make money: 21 Tips for 2022

How to sell your art online and make money: 21 Tips for 2022

Is it worth selling art online?

Despite the commission rate online being in general lower, it can depreciate the value of your original art if you sell its reproduction. Think about your art business as a whole. If you are tech-savvy or not into local networking, selling art online may be your best choice but you will have to face higher competition.

What is the best website to sell artwork?

In most cases, you don’t need a license to list your first artwork online. However, once you reach a certain threshold, your activities will be considered a business, not a hobby. As a reference, you should not make more than minimum wage and still call it a hobby. As a business, you need to do your bookkeeping and planning to optimize your tax contribution. In many European countries, you must register as a legal freelancer, just like a doctor or a lawyer. Every country has its rules set by its taxation authority.

How to sell your art online for free?

Consider selling digital art or print-on-demand as it doesn’t need shipping. Open a PayPal account and choose a platform with no cost are good to start with. Here are 4 free places to start with:

1. Found Myself

A small community with high proximity. Found Myself takes no commission, and no fees until 1GB of storage. There is an online store builder. 

2. BigCartel

Great for starting your online store without cost nor transaction fees with 5 artworks. BigCartel doesn’t drive you any traffic so the promotion work is all yours.

3. ArtPal

No membership fees, No commission. The general quality there is average but ArtPal is a good opportunity to start. The website is getting old and their business model is obscure.

4. VSual

Vsual is a great free platform for print-on-demand. The shipping is from the US and Europe. The quality of their framing and print is above average. They get a commission on sales.


How do I start selling art online?

  1. Develop a visual style combined with your individual authenticity.
  2. Make professional photos and videos of your art.
  3. Register to an online payments system such as PayPal and validate it with your bank account.
  4. Grow an audience locally, via social media or SEO with your website.
  5. Choose the sales channel that fits your art.

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