How to take care of your dance shoes?

Taking care of dance shoes should be a priority for any dancer. After all, a dancer needs them for practice, rehearsal, and competitions. They need to be taken care of properly so that they would not create discomfort to the dancer and would last as long as possible. Dance shoes are important because they give the dancer the right amount of traction in order to dance. In fact, research shows that proper dance footwear is important for preventing injury during dancing.

General tips for drying and cleaning

Dancing is a lot of physical effort, which means that the dancer will also likely sweat heavily, and the feet are especially prone to sweating. Sometimes you might be so tired after a practice that you just throw your shoes into a plastic bag, forget about them and go to rest. This will cause a bad smell and will make you uncomfortable. The best thing to do is to store your shoes in a shoe bag and leave them to air out in a dry place. You have to also periodically clean your shoes with a shoe polish cloth and a drop of soap or detergent and then wipe them with a dry towel.

Cleaning depending on the material

Cleaning your shoes properly depends on the kind of material your shoe is made of. If you have ballet shoes made of canvas, you can just put them in the washing machine in a pillowcase, but do not put them in the dryer, because they will shrink. If they are made from leather with a suede sole, they should not be put in the washing machine. Use a suede shoe brush if you notice that the soles are starting to become flat. Satin shoes are more delicate, so they need to be brushed with a soft bristle brush or dry cloth. The stains can be cleaned with a cloth dampened in cold water and a drop of hand washing liquid. In order to rinse them, pat them with a clean cloth and cold water. If you have Irish dance ghillie shoes, there are some extra steps in order to take care of them. clean the leather and apply shoe cream once a week. Treat stitching with beeswax once a week. Have two pairs so that you can alternate them between sessions. This will allow the shoes to dry out completely and will prevent the overstretching of leather. If you are looking for a second pair of quality dance shoes, you can check out Irish dance soft shoes here or other irish dance shoes stores. If you have tap shoes, you also need to take care of the metal that’s screwed in on the bottom. Check your shoes from time to time to see if the screws are loose and tighten them up.

General tips for maintenance

If you want your shoes to last as long as possible, don’t wear them outside. Carry your shoes in a shoe bag made of high-quality fabric. If you want to avoid the build-up of bacteria and unpleasant smell, wear socks and dry the shoes after use. If the problem persists, you can try using additional products, such as baby powder for your feet, as well as baking soda, salt, fabric softener sheets, or specialized charcoal bags in order to neutralize odors. Don’t forget to take a brush, a water spray bottle, and a shoe polish cloth in your dance bag!