How To Use Recruitment Marketing 5 Tips And Tricks

1. Take Advantage Of Organic And Paid Advertising

Almost every company and business uses social media to reach its target and loyal customers. Most of these companies use social media as a marketing platform to get their products known. This thus makes using the same platforms to cultivate company culture quite a challenging task. While social media may seem like the perfect platform for recruitment marketing, not every platform is suited for this. LinkedIn, for example, is most effective for posting organic roles, while Instagram Stories is ripe for recruitment marketing and content sharing. You can thus use Instagram and similar platforms for both paid and organic advertising, especially when/if targeting millennials and Gen Z candidates.

2. Use Your Channels

Owned channels make the best candidates for recruitment marketing. Your blogs, websites, and YouTube channels are perfect for promoting market-based content and employer branding. Using your channels to create awareness will also help attract all the right candidates and possibly lead to conversions. You will also want to use your Careers page to provide educational and informative content candidates might want. This thus means adding and updating content to match your expertise and creating a transparent and well-rounded image of the company culture.

You don’t necessarily have to do this alone; your marketing team may help create content for various web pages or provide dedicated sections on the company websites to promote your content. This also creates an excellent opportunity to promote employer branding and other types of content that would be convincing to potential candidates.

3. Develop Internal Subject-Matter Professionals

Most potential candidates and audiences use social media to follow real people, with only a few following companies. Although the company’s social accounts and profiles may be flooded with traffic, most visitors are out looking for real actionable information and content. To make your social media content attractive, graphic design is a must. You can contact a graphic design recruitment agency to find subject matter professionals that produce targeted content relevant to individual audiences.

In addition to keeping company profiles updated and active, using these experts to engage with the audiences can help build a relationship with target audiences, building a strong reputation and brand in the long run. The internal subject-matter professionals will also help share valuable information, useful for nurturing top talent and creating lasting relationships.

One of the best approaches is to position these professionals in their respective roles to offer help and advice on their specialities. They will then use their experience to create insightful and timeless content for viewers and audiences, making it easier to connect and convert them through social channels or the company website.

4. Keep Candidates Engaged Using Newsletters

An email has been around and has remained relevant for many years. Unlike popular belief, many people still check and respond to their emails. Emails are considered more official than regular social media chats. The best part of the email is that you can use it to drive whatever message you want to your candidates. Most people thus use email marketing through newsletters to engage and even nurture passive candidates.

Newsletters provide an avenue to keep in touch with your candidates and make it easier to build relationships and convert them to full-time candidates. Newsletters allow one to personalize the message to that specific recipient, improving engagement and communication, especially regarding company culture news, new roles, and business updates. You can also use newsletters to encourage candidates and pave the way for one-on-one discussions.

5. Repurpose Valuable Content

Valuable existing content on the company website or blogs can be repurposed to help attract more candidates and serve as a reference for an upcoming event or content. Leveraging content also helps save on resources, especially if low on capacity and budgets. A good example of this is videos used during a webinar. Short webinar clips can be used in LinkedIn blogs or testimonials on the Careers page. One piece of content can be repurposed in many ways to reach more potential without adding resources or time.

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