Information You Should Provide on Candle Labels

If your company sells high-quality candles, you should pay attention to its labels. It doesn’t matter whether you sell the candles nationally or within your state, you must provide accurate details to create a good first impression. Here’s a checklist that you can refer to if you are not sure what information to provide on the label:

Provide basic information

You must provide some basic details about the candles of your brand. Consider various factors like ingredients used, fragrance, and the name of the candle. Following are a few pieces of information that you can provide:

● Your company’s name and brand logo
● The name of the product
● The weight of the candle
● Official website and contact details

In addition to these details, you should also provide some candle-specific information on the label. They will help your customers decide which candle they should buy.

● The respective fragrance of the candle
● The type of wax you used
● Approximate burn time (provide this information in terms of hours)
● Specifications of the container

Recommended fire safety details

Candles are not regulated products like CBD, THC, or alcohol, and hence, don’t require a long list of safety details. However, according to the National Candle Association (NCA), every candle manufacturer should provide at least three fire safety rules on the labels. Here’s what you should include:

● Keep candle away from items that catch fire easily
● Burn within sight
● Keep candles away from children

The National Candle Association has no hard and fast rule on where you should provide this information. You can provide the details anywhere on the label. In fact, you can even print it on the dust cover or tag. Apart from the fire safety rules, you should also add graphic safety symbols that represent the respective rules. You can download the symbols from the official website of the NCA.

Providing fire safety rules on your candle’s label or tag is essential. Additionally, you can also offer a few instructions on how to burn candles. Although it may seem lame, it’s best that you provide the information. Make sure your candles meet the ASTM F2417 Fire Safety Standard. This will give you a rough idea of the average burn time of the candle. Provide that information on the label so that people can decide whether to buy the candle or not. If you are looking for eco-friendly labels then see here.

Optimize the label’s placement

It’s challenging to fit all the information mentioned above into one label. In such cases, you should make better use of the label’s space or increase the label’s size.

The best spot to place the label is the side of the candle or the container in which you keep the candle. Another area that you can utilize is the candle’s bottom. Sure, the side is a great place to take a quick look at the instructions and ingredients, many brands want to provide a clean look to their candles, and therefore, stick their labels at the bottom of the candles. Alternatively, you can put two labels on the candle: one on the side, containing your brand details, ingredients, and how-to-use instructions. The other label can go at the candle’s bottom. You can mention the fire safety details and safety rules there.

Shirley L. Bryant

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