Robin, Scott Mayberry taking part in the Day of Art Saturday | News

Ellensburg has its small-town lifestyle where neighbors know one another and some families date back generations. But dayton seo service the art galleries, Western Heritage Cultural Center, the museums, the music and the world-class rodeo gives it a big-time feel.

It’s not exactly Mayberry, but it’s been home to Scott and Robin Mayberry for a long, long time and the two local artists will be involved in Saturday’s “A Day of Art,” sponsored by Gallery One Visual Arts Center.


The virtual “Day of Art” will showcase interviews, mini confabs, demos and 360-degree views of over 30 studios all day Saturday. Gallery One Visual Arts Center will be providing 360-degree looks into the creative space of 32 local Kittitas County artists, as well as conducting artist interviews on perspective and the creativity behind the work in what it is calling “Live All Day.”

Robin will do a demonstration and Scott, who was a city of Ellensburg Purchase Award winner at the Kittitas County Open Show, will be one of the local artists interviewed. Gallery One has put together a 360-panorama of the Mayberry studio earlier in the week.

“In the past there’s been live studio tours where you walked around through people’s studios, but the problem was that people showing their studio couldn’t see other studios,” Robin said. “With this, you can see other people’s studios, which is fun. Nobody has to leave the house, so it’s accessible.


“Gallery One has a mission statement to support the community as a community gallery and make art accessible to people that might not have transportation to drive all over the county. So, we are involved in three different segments — a demo, interview and a 360-degree showcase of our studio.”

Scott has been working with pen and ink for a significant time period. His work was recently recognized at the 2020 Kittitas County Open Show.

“Right now, I’m doing pen and ink, but I’ve done mixed media, I’ve done painting. I go back and forth quite often,” he said. “I like the idea that I can take pen and ink (10 x 14 inches) and draw anywhere.

“I’ve been working on this one series for awhile now. My work changes from one phase to the next, I’m not sure why? I’ve been pushing myself to continue this series for longer than normal. Robin and I have a showing, beginning Sept. 4 at Gallery One. But participating in Day of Art is a good way to show what I’ve been working on.”


The event is one of several methods Gallery One is implementing to continue its mission to further educate the public and support the arts and artists in their efforts. The 360-degree virtual tour will give the community a literal look at each artist’s studio in a three-dimensional gaze into the creative minds behind the art.

“We are doing up to 12 artists. We will also be doing Facebook Live interviews of artists here at the gallery all day. We’ll ask them for their creative tips and inspiration with the public,” Gallery One executive director Monica Miller said.

The project is designed to give Kittitas County artists an opportunity to showcase their work, their workplace and just a chance to get out of the house — virtually — and see what’s available for the art community.


“I’m one of the resident artists. The staff at Gallery One is doing a great job and they’ve really adapted to COVID-19 regulations,” Robin said. “To be able to see the studios and the demo idea was a great idea.

“With the interviews, the people get to hear the creative process and how people do their work. It’ll be a fun day.”