What are the best German cities for a young European artist?

10 Best Cities to Visit in Germany For Young Adults

Artists are inspired by different aspects of life ranging from inner feelings, imaginations, songs, landscape, humans, culture, society and other aspects of life. Getting inspiration is what makes an artist exceptional, so living in an environment that enables an artist to connect to one’s inner self is an important factor for every artist. 

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We are going to consider the best cities in Germany that would help an artist bring out the best.

  • Berlin

In Germany, when art is mentioned, Berlin comes to mind. Berlin is a city with low cost of living which can also favour startup artist, it has many artistic activities, which includes Berlin Biennale for summer and Berlin art week every September and many other activities which allow different artist from all over the world to showcase their talents.

Berlin is home to hundreds of art museum and gallery scenes which helps artist display their works. Events like Gallery Weekend at the end of April is also a great way to witness the display of different artistic talents.

  • Hamburg

The city of Hamburg is the second-largest city located in the North of Germany, it is a city with several waterways. It is a city ranked with the reputation as the ‘’Musical City’’, Europe first music opera house was opened in the city way back in 1678. The city produced popular artists such as The Beatles. Today Hamburg is still an electrifying place for emerging musicians. Hamburg is also home to a lot of museums such as Kunsthalle, Panoptikum, Ernst Barlach Haus, Erotic Art Museum and many others.

  • Munich

Munich is a vibrant city also known as the world’s great beer and brewing capital of Europe. It is not just famous for brewing beer, it is also famous for paintings and street arts, graffiti, architecture or sculpture. Munich is home to some of the country’s best museum and collections.

  • Frankfurt

This is the commercial and business hub in Europe, the city has a much eye-catching landscape which gives great inspiration to artists. At River Main, attracts visitors from all over the world to view displays of artwork on both sides of the river. Frankfurt also has historic buildings and ancients museums. Artists also get the leisure of strolling through the 21-hectare urban paradise in Palmengarte, this is beautiful scenery that can give inspiration to artists.

  • Cologne

Cologne is one of the most popular cities in Germany because of its unique vibes, it has a popular new art museum located between the massive Gothic cathedral and the Rhine River. This city is a place for foreign art dealers as it is the liveliest city in Germany.

  • Dresden

The city of Dresden was once known as the art premier in Europe for centuries, it is a cultural centre in Germany. The city has over 50 museums 30 theatres of which many visitors travel from all over the world to admire its antiques and other side attractions. The city is described as Florence on the Elbe due to its riches in art collection and Italian influence in architecture.