Why are Conservatories So Popular in the UK

Conservatories date back to the 17th century when these buildings were made from stone and featured a lot more glass when compared to “normal” rooms. hey were once enjoyed by wealthy homeowners in the Victorian period, and this is when they started becoming popular. From the 1970s, was when conservatories really started to take off. This is when these structures became more accessible and became a common addition in many houses across the UK.

Two decades ago, installing a conservatory used to be on just about all homeowner’s lists of DIY jobs. They not only added valuable spaces to homes but the glass walls provided a way for many to enjoy their gardens with protection from the UK elements.

The UK is well-known for many rainy days throughout the year and conservatories offered something that was not achievable before. This includes the chance to enjoy a garden regardless of the weather. A conservatory offers a way to bring the outdoors inside and to create the ideal living space that you can enjoy throughout the year. These structures were once not easy to heat, but today there are many options available allowing you to enjoy this added space whether it is hot or cold outside. In the summer months, it is easy to incorporate blinds that provide shelter and stop this space from becoming too warm.

The Advantages of Building a Conservatory

There are many reasons why people choose an installation of a conservatory rather than converting a loft or adding an extension to their homes. Here are some of the most important reasons:

  • You do not need to apply for planning permission
  • It costs less than a loft conversion or extension
  • You can add to one of your existing rooms
  • It brings more light into your room
  • Create an extra office space, dining room, living room, etc.
  • To create an indoor-outdoor living space
  • To enjoy your garden throughout the year
  • Create a tranquil space to relax in
  • Create a playroom for your kids

We are sure there are other suggestions you might be thinking of adding to the list. In fact, the main reason why conservatories are popular has to do with how versatile these spaces can be. This means you can change how you use this space whenever it suits you. Today, you can even get an ultraroof to better protect your conservatory and conserve heat.

More Comfortable Conservatories

One thing that once deterred homeowners from installing a conservatory was the fact that these structures were not easy to keep cool over the summer months or warm over the winter months. With the latest technology, there are many solutions now available to help you enjoy this space regardless of the weather outside.

Some of the popular options include underfloor heating, or blinds that attach to the glass inside the roof. Other options include windows and doors that assist with keeping the space cooler during hotter months. There are also improved insulation systems that help to either keep the sun out or heat in, which will depend on the season. It is recommended to first consider your budget monitoring employees in the workplace and requirements to ensure you are getting a solution that works for you.

If you would like more information on installing a conservatory, call us today for a no-obligation quote or discussion on how we can help you.