Some crucial SEO tips for your website

So, you have an arts or design website, but no traffic? SEO could be the answer to get lots of traffic for your website and those valuable leads for your business. We interviewed Fabi Gulgonul, an ex-Googler and the founder of which is an international seo services company offering multilingual link building services. He provided us a couple of tips on how to get better ranking at Google:

Improve your website 

Always make sure you serve the best possible content and don’t make basic technical mistakes like putting too many images without textual content or the content such as in frames or javascript that search engines can hardly read.

A couple of important elements on your pages which matter for search engines: meta titles, headings, anchor text of your links. So, pay attention to those parts. For example, instead of using heading as “Read more”, simply use the content related words in the heading.

Content was always and will be king

Write convincingly good content for your readers. Don’t worry too much about choosing specific keywords. Nowadays, search engines’ algorithms developed semantically and they can detect the subject.

Don’t use copied content, always write unique content that will please your readers. If your content is bad or too short, readers will simply bounce back soon and this is also something that search engines are able to detect.

Get links from other websites 

Search engines value the backlinks your websites have. They use them to understand how much your website is respected by others. So, the more backlinks you have it is better. But, the quality of websites linking to your website is also very important. Therefore, don’t get some spammy or comment links. And don’t buy links, especially those selling packages. Such links can be toxic and can harm your website’s rankings.

How to get good backlinks? Well, this again depends on your content and also networking. Writing an authority post about your field and sharing this with other influential websites can help. Or, you can simply provide some good articles to other websites and they can link to you as the provider of the article. It is also possible to contact your network directly and ask if they would endorse you by simply linking to your website.

Keep updating your website

Always update your website with fresh and useful content. If you stop adding anything to your website, Google will think it is a forgotten page the owner never cares about and will drop you in rankings.

Think global opportunities

You might also benefit from localized content by translating key pages of your website. In many other languages, ranking for a difficult keyword might be much easier than you image.

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